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Yellow Jersey Post

Yellow Jersey Delivery Ltd is Coventry's only independently licensed postal operator.

Our postal service saves your business time and money. We collect and sort all of your post, deliver Coventry mail ourselves to any address with a CV1 - CV6 postcode and forward all other national post to Royal Mail for final mile delivery.


We save you valuable staff time - no more trips to the shops to buy stamps or time spent franking letters or sticking on stamps. Simply hand your post to us and we'll take care of the time-consuming bits!

A flexible service - use us whenever is convenient for you, either daily, weekly or monthly.

No contract - we don't tie you in to expensive and restrictive contracts. Simply use our service for as long as you wish.

Free collection - compare this with Royal Mail's weekday collection fee of £787 + VAT per annum for customers spending less than £15,000 per annum.

Quick return of incorrectly addressed items - we identify any letters which are undeliverable eg. those bearing no house number/street name and swiftly return them to you for clarification. Likewise we are able to quickly return any 'gone away' letters.

A local, reliable service - as used by over 120 organisations located within Coventry.


We've made things as simple as possible!

We collect your post - and record the amount of mail on one of our special collection forms.

The form is verified and countersigned - by a member of your staff...

Your mail is taken to our depot and sorted - For Coventry mail we deliver Premium Class letters during the next working day and Standard Class post within three working days of collection. National-bound mail is handed to Royal Mail on the day of collection, for delivery within their normal timeframe.

You receive a monthly invoice - accompanied by a copy of the collection form as verification.


As Coventry's only bicycle based delivery service, we have lower overheads. Powered only by enthusiasm (and lots of chocolate!) we don't have to worry about soaring fuel costs or the expense of running a large fleet of vehicles. Therefore pedal power allows us to provide a significantly greener and cheaper service.


We are regulated by Postcomm, the independent regulator for postal services in the UK (our identifying number is CL130), so you can be sure of a reliable service.

So why not 'Go Yellow' today! Please call us on 07769 904250 or email info@yjdelivery.co.uk to discuss how we can save you money on your postage.
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